We decided to have a quiet Easter this year. No big meals or get-togethers. Just family and church.

As soon as Lilly woke up she wanted to go see if "Mr. Bunny" had been to our house to hide eggs. (spoiler alert: he didn't) I knew we would be doing an Easter egg hunt at church to I decided not to have one at home too. And she was disappointed so I distracted her with the huge basket complied of gifts from all the grandmas hoping it would give her some solace. It did a little but there was still a fog of disappointment hanging in the air.

We decided that next year we need to do things differently. Focus more on the reason we celebrate  Easter and less on what we celebrate with. We need to spend more time preparing their hearts and not just ours. (Ok, we need to do a better job preparing our too.)

It is tough trying to teach kids the real reason behind exciting holidays filled with fun and decorations and gifts. And it is tough not to feel disappointed by the let down said kids may have if they don't get  everything their tiny hearts desire but there is something better to give them. It's that feeling I got in church- worshiping along side people I have come to know and love. It is the feeling of grace poured out on His children. And understanding that He is the greatest gift of all.

Next year we will do it better. And if we fail then we really still win. He grace is magnified by my failure. And His grace is the sweetest thing of all.