Pregnancy Recap

Hey- remember that time I was pregnant. You should. It was like 3 weeks ago. While I'm not sad about loosing the belly it is fun to look back at the pictures. Here is a little recap of my pregnancy with Rosanna Catherine.
  • weight gained- approximately 30lbs. I don't really remember my exact pre-pregnancy weight so I can only give you an approximate. 
  • favorite clothes- elastic waist jeans and jean shorts both from kohls (and neither maternity) and long and lean tank tops from target and the thrift (also non-maternity). I don't really have anything against maternity (although I've found them to be spendy and a little too modest for my taste) these are just the options that worked for me.
  • cravings- red meat. And lot's of it. Burgers and steaks galore!
  • aversions- soda pop. The syrup was too much for me and made me feel like I was on a sugar high!
  • morning sickness- no! Praise God! No barfing for me- except for once that involved some Mexican food.
  • stretch marks- not on my belly...
Overall, I have nothing to complain about! Plus, now I get to look at this cute face all day long:

Honey Badger Mom & LillyPup

Yesterday while at Target Lillian decided that she was going to be a puppy and crawl on the floor THE WHOLE TIME. I started to tell her to get up and walk like a big girl but then I didn't. I decided to take the Honey Badger route. Honey Badger Mom don't care! My kid isn't hurting anyone (besides possibly herself) and yes I did scrub her little hands in the bathroom on the way out. Yes that is my 2 year old crawling on the ground and barking. Go ahead and stare Target patrons! Honey Badger Mom don't even care. 

Choosing Happiness

A beautiful rose from our walk in the park.
Guess why I smile a lot? Because it's worth it. - Marcel The Shell

Last Thursday was the first day that Lilly, Rosie and I were alone. Just the three of us. Ben's mom stayed with us for the for two weeks after my cesarean and was so helpful. But Wednesday night she went back to MN and that was that. 

Thursday started out pretty smoothly- Ben went in late to work so I could sleep in a bit and get ready for the day. After he left I took Lilly and Rosie to the park. Things went less smoothly there. Lilly did a mediocre job listening. Rosie cried about 50-60% of the time. I'm pretty sure there was at least one person crying for most of the day. But you know what, it wasn't bad. In fact I wouldn't trade it for the world. I knew it wouldn't be all rainbows and kittens with a toddler and a newborn and it certainly isn't. But I am choosing happiness. When I am awake to watch the sun rise, I am choosing to be thankful. When I am exhausted and hungry I choose to be grateful. I have two beautiful and healthy daughters. What do I have to complain about?! (well- I do complain a bit which you already know if you follow me on twitter. but nobody's perfect)

The point is that this is just a phase. There are so many of them in life. Times when we feel beat down, exhausted or overwhelmed but it is just a season. And a time will come when we don't even remember the things that made us feel bad. I have been looking back on Lillian's new born days with stars in my eyes even though I KNOW I was very lost during that time. And I will do the same thing with Rosie... eventually.

I'm determined to keep my head up and be thankful for this precious and fleeting time in my life. The newborn phase. le sigh.

ps- I hope you choose happiness too. It's worth it.

six seven twelve

Well, the vbac didn't happen. The last week of my pregnancy was not great. I felt like there was a giant clock ticking away the minutes of my last chance to go into labor. I walked and -ahem- did lots of other activities that encourage labor. But nothing. Every morning felt like a failure. I was not in a good place. Then Thursday morning dawned (as I was sitting at my kitchen table... I slept terribly all week) and I felt peace. Today was the day. This was God's plan. I embraced it. 

Both of my experiences with planned cesareans have been amazing. When we have more kids- it will be the route I take. While I was comfortably relaxing in my bed before the surgery I was thinking, WHY THE HECK WASN'T THIS THE PLAN THE WHOLE TIME!?! It was stress free. The iv and epidural didn't hurt a lick. And soon I had a sweet baby in my arms. 

Recovery hasn't been bad either. The worst part by far was a gas pain I had in my shoulder the night after the surgery. Apparently, whenever you have this kind of surgery air gets into your body and once your zipped back up it can float up and cause pains in your shoulders. They had me open for a bit longer then usual to remove some old scar tissue from my c-section with Lilly which meant more air and more pain. It was not fun but it sure did make getting up and walking around a lot less painful by comparison. 

Overall, it was a great experience. Rosie is here and is perfect. Lillian loves her little sister and is such a good helper. I am one happy mama. 

ps- did you notice the picture where Lilly is copying me talking on the phone? I was ordering my lunch and she was literally repeating everything I said. Haha! She "took my order" by phone several times after that. 


Today is the day! Rosie should be in my arms by 11:00am. I am so excited. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers these past few months. xoxo


  • Listening to: a lot of pop music. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry etc. Nothing helps me combat low energy and crankiness like a good old dance sesh.
  • Reading: the Bible. Getting into she reads truth has been so great. Sometimes I feel nervous about sharing such personal things, especially about my faith, but the positive feedback and community that has come from sharing that intimacy has been amazing. God is faithful and fear is so unnecessary.
  • Thinking about: doing a journal challenge this summer. I've been journaling my progress through Soul Detox and found my creative journal from last summer and it has sparked the flame in me. Would you be interested in doing a journal challenge with me?
  • Loving: My hair. I know this sounds silly but I thought I should give an update since so many of my previous "currently"s have involved discussion about disliking my hair. I got it cut and colored for mother's day (did I already mention that?) and it took me a little while to get used to. I also can't do a top know anymore. GASP! But have found a few other options that are cute and easy. 
  • Anticipating: Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Tomorrow is the big day! (Unless she came on her own during the week- I wrote this post on Saturday...)
  • Thankful for: Lillian Elouise. Even though these past few days have been tough for us (energetic toddler + pregnormous me = trouble) I am so thankful to have such a smart and creative -not to mention stinkin' cute- daughter. I have been so blessed with her. Did I mention she is swimming underwater all by herself? For real. She can't go very far and isn't great at it but she can do it. It's amazing. I'll post a video later. 
as always- inspired by Dani

Baby Talk V.8

Isn't it crazy how things change all while they stay the same. The picture on the left was taken in April of 2011 and was used in my first baby talk post. The picture on the right is from this month. I have been compiling some of the "sweet" things she has been saying (sweet is in quotations because they are more like sassy and embarrassing) and realized that the name baby talk doesn't really apply to her anymore. She certainly isn't a baby. Anyway- here are some Lilly-isms.

-note: I just read back through all the baby talk posts and I basically say the above over and over. Ha. Moms, amiright?-

  • last night/yesterday- Lillian has no concept of time and refers to everything that happened in the past- whether it was this morning or 3 months ago- as either yesterday or last night.
  • "foop foop"- aparently this is what I sound like when I whistle for the dog. Lilly is really into playing with Liberty right now and calls for her by cupping her mouth and saying/shouting "foop foop". It's pretty cute.
  • pillow- hippo. Lilly got a hippo toy in her happy meal (judge away) the other day and mistakenly called it a pillow. She corrected herself that night but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

and more...
  • While at Target I hear Lilly ask "Are those your big butt cheeks?" while walking behind me. I turn around feeling mortified thinking I'm about to come face to face with a very offended person to find her staring and pointing at my behind. Yep. Thanks, Lil. 
  • After getting all dressed up for my baby shower (which I promise I will share pictures of!) I asked Lilly how I looked. She said, "Not good." Plain and simple. Once my husband picked himself up off the floor from his fit of laughter he scolded her and told me I looked very pretty. 
  • While at Dunkin Donuts, Lilly very randomly turned to me and said "Are we safe in here or are there alligators?" I assured her of her safety.
  • If you've ever been pregnant before (or around someone who is very pregnant) you may know that gas is just part of the game. Luckily, if you have another child you can just blame any potentially embarrassing public situations on them... or so I thought. At the park I may or may not have accidentally let one rip (I'll never admit it!) and Ben said, "What was that?!?" I replied, "Lilly." Lilly replied (in a very loud voice), "THAT WASN'T LILLY'S TOOT! THAT WAS A MOMMY TOOT!" Shamed in public by my own daughter. 
Like I was saying- these little sayings and stories are becoming less cute for me and more enjoyable for everyone else. Luckily, in a few months, I will have more cute things from a new child who still loves me- even in public.