Baby Talk V.9

Well- she's not the baby anymore but Lillian is still the funniest girl I know. I love her tiny little brain. Here are some of the gems she has spit out recently:

  • Incredible- She actually means acceptable. She uses it like this: "That is not incredible!" meaning my behavior. Yep.
  • Puncuter- meaning computer. I totally encourage this one. It's so rare that she just straight up says a word wrong these days. So cute.
  • Pennies- all money. Occasionally when she does something really great (like go potty all by her self including flushing and wiping without any help or whining) she gets a few coins that she can spend at the candy store. She loves her pennies and often makes them talk to each other before trading them in for a lollipop.

She has also asked me two questions about Rosie that left me teary eyed from trying to withhold my laughter. 
1. Does Rosie have a tongue?
2. Did Rosie have a shirt on when she was in your tummy?

I love her so stinkin much.

First Day

spaced out // re-focusing // genuine smile // proud girl

Yesterday morning Lillian Elouise walked through the door to her first pre-school class and didn't look back. I am so proud of my brave little girl. When I picked her up she told me that she "didn't have ANY fun!" then smiled the whole way home. Faker.

I did pretty good too. I didn't shed any tears (got them all out the night before) and managed to go grocery shopping. I did however have a mini panic attack when I realized that for the first time my parenting skills are going to be public. The teachers and other moms will see through Lilly's words and behaviors what kind of parent I am. I imagine her teaching the other children to call their behinds "butt cheeks". The teachers will know we taught her that! And what if I've missed something major! What if I pack her the wrong kind of lunch?! What if she doesn't have the right backpack or shoes?! I want her to be liked and I want to be liked as well! 

Thankfully, I was reminded that the expectations/standards I have placed on myself are just that. MINE. The other moms may not be as crazy as I am (hopefully) and probably aren't even looking at Lilly's shoes. Everyone has a first time going to school. I have a great kid. I am a good parent. We will get through this together. 

Did you have a first timer this week? How was it for you?

More Birthday Pictures!

 Because I know that is how we all want to start our Tuesday. Happy Birthday Pictures! It was such a good day. 
Today is Lillian's first day of pre-school so I need all the happy I can look at. More on that later.

Two months old.

I'm a little behind on this post. Rosie's two month mark was a week ago. I am behind on most things these days though so whatever. Rosie was a champ at her check up. The doctor went on and on about how advanced she is and such. I feel like doctors always say that so that you like coming to their office but I enjoy hearing it all the same. In my opinion she is the smartest and cutest there ever was. (She at least ties with her big sissy.) Here are some fun facts about Rosie's second month of life:
  • Mommy was- so happy the baby acne is gone. I forgot how bad it was until I looked at last months picture. Yikes. Mommy is also starting to feel herself again. I have more energy and feel like I can see a future of getting my life back together. One day. There is a light at the end of the tunnel! I see it!
  • Rosie loves- Smiling! She is such a smiley girl. She smiles at anyone who will chat with her, which is another one of her favorite things. Lilly loves talking to her too and gets so excited when Rosie smiles at her. She says, "Mommy! Rosie loves me." So true.
  • Rosie likes- Sleeping. She is a good sleeper. I keep thinking she should have more awake time during the day. Then she starts to get cranky and I am all "What is going on?!" then she yawns and I'm all "Ohhh!" 
  • Rosie dislikes- loud noises. Girl is jumpy! For example:   Rosie was asleep on my lap  one night when we were watching the Olympics. One of the athletes totally biffed their sport and I made a "pfffttt" noise because I am totally sympathetic and Rosie just about jumped through the roof. 
I can't wait to see what happens this month.

Cool kid is cool

She really is the coolest kid I know.