First Day

spaced out // re-focusing // genuine smile // proud girl

Yesterday morning Lillian Elouise walked through the door to her first pre-school class and didn't look back. I am so proud of my brave little girl. When I picked her up she told me that she "didn't have ANY fun!" then smiled the whole way home. Faker.

I did pretty good too. I didn't shed any tears (got them all out the night before) and managed to go grocery shopping. I did however have a mini panic attack when I realized that for the first time my parenting skills are going to be public. The teachers and other moms will see through Lilly's words and behaviors what kind of parent I am. I imagine her teaching the other children to call their behinds "butt cheeks". The teachers will know we taught her that! And what if I've missed something major! What if I pack her the wrong kind of lunch?! What if she doesn't have the right backpack or shoes?! I want her to be liked and I want to be liked as well! 

Thankfully, I was reminded that the expectations/standards I have placed on myself are just that. MINE. The other moms may not be as crazy as I am (hopefully) and probably aren't even looking at Lilly's shoes. Everyone has a first time going to school. I have a great kid. I am a good parent. We will get through this together. 

Did you have a first timer this week? How was it for you?


  1. gage started kindergarten on monday. and while he had been in preschool for a year, it felt so different now that he was a real 'big kid.' so yeah, i did shed some tears. :) our kids are growing up too fast!

    and i'm completely with you on the mini panic attacks about not sending the right stuff!

    1. I can't even imagine kindergarten. Today was her second day at preschool and I only felt like barfing a little. ;)

  2. Isobel's first day of kindergarten was a few weeks ago. Rough. But I survived. Having another at home helped.
    I too succumbed to the mini panic attacks over lunch and the school uniform (Are the hot pink socks ok, or a uniform violation?), but all went well. Also had the moment of panic over parenting..."What if she says something awful and my husband loses his job?" So far so good. ;-)

  3. Adorable. My son will be two in November and I dont even want to think about him being a big kid and going off to school. I cant wrap my mind around him growing into his own person.