Baby Talk V.9

Well- she's not the baby anymore but Lillian is still the funniest girl I know. I love her tiny little brain. Here are some of the gems she has spit out recently:

  • Incredible- She actually means acceptable. She uses it like this: "That is not incredible!" meaning my behavior. Yep.
  • Puncuter- meaning computer. I totally encourage this one. It's so rare that she just straight up says a word wrong these days. So cute.
  • Pennies- all money. Occasionally when she does something really great (like go potty all by her self including flushing and wiping without any help or whining) she gets a few coins that she can spend at the candy store. She loves her pennies and often makes them talk to each other before trading them in for a lollipop.

She has also asked me two questions about Rosie that left me teary eyed from trying to withhold my laughter. 
1. Does Rosie have a tongue?
2. Did Rosie have a shirt on when she was in your tummy?

I love her so stinkin much.


  1. Haha!!! What did you tell her about Rosie's shirt?

  2. Haha oh my gosh preschooler age is my favourite age - they ask the funniest things!

  3. Those questions had me busting up laughing! Kids are so cute with their curiosity!