First day of PreK

Yesterday was Lilly's first day of PreK. She was so excited. She even told me "I don't need to bring blankie, mama. I'm a big kid now." (cue mama's tears) Her teachers are awesome and we are in love with the school in general.

She picked out this dress from H&M as the first-day-of-school dress in July. Girl was prepared. Can we talk about her backpack for a second too? I mean- come on. We are kinda in love.

She had a great first day. When I came to pick her up she hid because she didn't want to stop playing. She gave her teachers big hugs and woke up excited this morning, ready to go back. My mommy heart is so proud.

For a first day of school gift we gave her teachers some banana bread muffins in a mug. I stuck a toothpick in it with a green tape leaf and attached a note that said "We are excited to grow together with you this year." That's the best my night-before-over-tired brain could come up with.

We are both super excited about this year. 

And thank you Personal Creations for generously providing us with an awesome backpack for the new year.

End of summer



We did it. We made it. School started today. My plan was to post these pictures last week or over the weekend with some sort of summer wrap up but that didn't happen. I have to remind myself that almost everything in life is a season. And summer was a crazy one. 

We tried to end the summer with fun. We went to the splash pad (even though we couldn't find Lilly's swimsuit), jumped on the trampoline, went swimming and just laid around watching TV. We tried to savor the last few days of summer but -in all honesty- we were all over it. We were craving the routine school brings. Lilly wanted to play with friends and do something new every day. I wanted to lay on the couch and try to gather my brain cells from off the floor. Rosie wanted (still wants) to eat all day long. 

And then it happened. We woke up and it was over. Good bye summer (kind of- it's still like a gillion degrees here in Florida). I'm sure we will miss you in a few months- but right now we are so over you.

Mall of America

That time we went to the MOA and Lilly had the best day ever. Face painting. riding all the rides. Toys. Treats. Best day ever. Rosie had a pretty good day too. Walking. Eating. Sleeping. These girls are well loved. 

Minnesota Children's Museum


The Minnesota Children's Museum was serious fun. Our favorite place was the rooftop playground. We have finally readjusted to being back in the Florida heat but are secretly dreaming of the cool Minneapolis weather.