Spring Break

Ok, so I don't technically have a spring break but Amy's daughter does so we all celebrated at the beach.

all photos from my and Amy's instagram feed.

We had such a great time hanging out with Amy and co. at their beach condo. The kiddos got along so well and we mamas got a lot of time to relax. We played in the ocean and the pool and even went to the zoo on our last day. Amy and I each ended up getting free zoo passes in between the parking lot and entrance. Talk about random acts of kindness. (Amy paid it forward later that day at Starbucks. I have yet to do my "pay it forward" act. I am a horrible human being.) And then, since we were in her neck of the woods, we met Miss Becky for a quick lunch before parting ways. Such a great week. I am so thankful for sweet and generous friends like Amy. 

Did you do anything fun this week?

VBAC vs C-section update

So waaaay back in December I posted about the impending decision of VBAC vs c-section (you can read it here). Since then we have made choices and signed papers so I thought I'd give you a little up date. 

The consent forms for a VBAC have been signed and I am feeling very positive about it. I know every pregnancy is different but with Lilly I had to take measures to stop myself from going into labor before my c-section. I was having contractions and started dilating at 34ish weeks so I was put on restricted work rest (all sitting no walking) and had a pill I took to stop the contractions. It wasn't true labor but they didn't want it to develop. That is why I'm feeling positive about going into labor on time with Rosie. What do I mean by on time? Where here is the catch to getting to attempt a VBAC. Due to the risk of rupture my doctor won't let me go past 40 weeks. I have to schedule my c-section at my next appointment and hope that I go before then. So I am praying that it will happen. And like I said, I'm feeling very positive about it.

Even though my due date is June 9th I will be scheduling my surgery for the 7th. So we can just go ahead and call that the new due date (or D Day). The reason I am scheduling it a few days earlier is to insure my doctor is the one who does the c-section if it comes to that. The fact that she has already been in there (there being my belly) and knows what to expect is a big deal to me. As I mentioned in the previous VBAC vs c-section post, this doctor discovered that I have a lot of internal scarring from my previous c-section so it is comforting to me to know the person who is performing surgery to safely deliver my sweet baby has experienced what she is up against. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm just being a crazy control freak but it's the decision I've made. 

Of course, things could happen to void the VBAC option between then and now but I am trusting that God's plan is best no matter what it is. So that is! If you're the praying type I would appreciate some. ;)

Thanks friends!

Pregnancy Update // 28 Weeks

Holy sheetrock. Did you know that the 28th week is the beginning of the 3rd trimester?! I didn't realize it until my pregnancy app informed me. Ha. Here are some unorganized thoughts about this stage in my pregnancy:

  • Thank Jesus for Pepcid AC. My heart burn had reached the unbearable level. I was waking up several times a night to take tums and that was with three pillows propping my head up. I talked to my pharmacist (who is also pregnant) and she recommended I speak to my doctor about Pepcid which she was taking. So I did. Ah- sweet relief.  
  • Lilly's new big girl room is all set up and ready to go. She slept (semi-successfully) in it for the first time on Sunday night. Now I just have to get the old nursery things out of the closet and set back up and we are ready to go!
  • We've decided on a name! Unless we have a drastic change of heart Lillian Elouise's little sister will be named Rosanna Catherine.
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Lilly and Rosie. ♥ ♥ ♥
  • Several people have told me "You look so cute! Sorry, you're probably tired of hearing that." Nope! Most of the time I feel pretty un-cute so please don't apologize. Keep those compliments coming. ;)
  • Have I mentioned how ready I am. I'm so ready. Only 12 more weeks!

a picture a hour: Lilly's day

This is my first attempt at a picture an hour. I've always wanted to do it but had the hardest time remembering to actually take pictures! These are from last week. Our day started out a little rough. It was my fault. Some days I just wake up feeling motivated to do my stuff and I try really hard to get Lilly to comply to my plans. It didn't work. Shocker. After moping for about an hour I decided that I would give Miss Lillian the attention she needed and took a photo an hour from her perspective while we went about our day. 

7:30 TV and snuggling

8:30 Impromptu bath time after hopping in the shower with mom.

9:30  Packing a snack to go.

9:30 (part two) Distracted by toys. Play time.

10:30 At Amaya Papaya.

11:30 Still at AP. 

12:30 At home enjoying a yummy lunch.

1:30 Eating a special treat for eating lunch all gone.

2:30 Using the big girl potty like a boss.
And that is all I got. She went into her room for a nap around 2, came out to poo, went back into her room and didn't nap. I was hoping to get a cute sleeping picture of her but no such luck. The photo a hour challenge was fun for me and really helped me break out of my funk. Have any of you tried it?