Spring Break

Ok, so I don't technically have a spring break but Amy's daughter does so we all celebrated at the beach.

all photos from my and Amy's instagram feed.

We had such a great time hanging out with Amy and co. at their beach condo. The kiddos got along so well and we mamas got a lot of time to relax. We played in the ocean and the pool and even went to the zoo on our last day. Amy and I each ended up getting free zoo passes in between the parking lot and entrance. Talk about random acts of kindness. (Amy paid it forward later that day at Starbucks. I have yet to do my "pay it forward" act. I am a horrible human being.) And then, since we were in her neck of the woods, we met Miss Becky for a quick lunch before parting ways. Such a great week. I am so thankful for sweet and generous friends like Amy. 

Did you do anything fun this week?


  1. I loved your ig feeds this week! And by loved, I mean was mostly super mega jealous. You're the cutest pregnant bikini wearin mama!

    1. Ha. You are sweet. This post may be a little deja vu for ig peeps. ;)

  2. Your bump is so beautiful! I am so glad you posted that picture!

  3. No words. You guys have the cutest kids. Lilly is looking so much older!