a picture a hour: Lilly's day

This is my first attempt at a picture an hour. I've always wanted to do it but had the hardest time remembering to actually take pictures! These are from last week. Our day started out a little rough. It was my fault. Some days I just wake up feeling motivated to do my stuff and I try really hard to get Lilly to comply to my plans. It didn't work. Shocker. After moping for about an hour I decided that I would give Miss Lillian the attention she needed and took a photo an hour from her perspective while we went about our day. 

7:30 TV and snuggling

8:30 Impromptu bath time after hopping in the shower with mom.

9:30  Packing a snack to go.

9:30 (part two) Distracted by toys. Play time.

10:30 At Amaya Papaya.

11:30 Still at AP. 

12:30 At home enjoying a yummy lunch.

1:30 Eating a special treat for eating lunch all gone.

2:30 Using the big girl potty like a boss.
And that is all I got. She went into her room for a nap around 2, came out to poo, went back into her room and didn't nap. I was hoping to get a cute sleeping picture of her but no such luck. The photo a hour challenge was fun for me and really helped me break out of my funk. Have any of you tried it?

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  1. I keep meaning to try this but I keep forgetting! I think I'll set an alarm for myself tomorrow :)