The girls got some Barbie makeup from a friend. The pictures really speak for themselves and I get teary eyed every time I go through them. Lilly is becoming such a good big sister and Rosie looks up to her so much. Watching them love each other makes my heart ache in the most beautiful way. 

Lilly + Cheetah

This picture is from Nolan's last birthday party. Lilly asked the face painter to make her a cheetah even though it wasn't an option on the board. Cheetah's are her favorite she says. Carolina kindly obliged and she was so happy.

Last month we were standing in line at Animal Kingdom to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari. The girls were playing around on and I was watching the animal info video that runs on loop. When a cheetah came on the screen I got Lilly's attention so she could see her favorite animal. Soon after she laid eyes on the sprinting cheetah it took down and killed a baby antelope. Yeah. Her commentary went as follows: A cheetah! Where? (gasp of excitement) Oh! (concern) OH NO! (baby antelope down) NO! Mommy! Why did the cheetah do that?! Insert a life lesson on the food chain and circle of life that she listened to about a third of and we were happily on the safari. Cheetahs are still her favorite for now. But her reaction to the reality of cheetahs was priceless.

Meet and Make with Sarah Hearts

Last Thursday night Amy and I attended the Valentine's Day Meet and Make hosted by Sarah of Sarah Hearts. It was so much fun to catch up with Sarah and makes some new friends too. Sarah had a mixed media project set up for us and we created some cute Florida and Valentine's inspired art. 

Amy and I arrived at the same time, which was late, because of kids. We were 'fashionably late'. I didn't get any before pictures of Sarah's set up or delicious treats but as you can see in the aftermath photos above everything was great. AND I finally got to hug Jordan who I met via Instagram. I'm pretty sure we are kindred spirits. 

It was such a great time. I am more and more impressed with Sarah every time I hang out with her. Girl is going places. Mark my words.

playing in the sink

I have wanted one of these vintage step stool chairs for such a long time. I finally bought one from a local antiques market and the girls immediately claimed ownership of it.

While Lilly was at school I let Rosie climb up the stool and play in the sink. Later I noticed the similarity to some pictures I took of Rosie having a sink bath almost exactly a year ago. Her little hand against the sink in both sets melts my heart. It's amazing how time flies.