Things I don't want to forget.

I have really enjoyed spending some one on one time with little Rose since Lilly has been back in school. She has such a sweet little personality. There are so many things I'm afraid I'll forget. Like how she pats the ground whenever she wants someone (or something... like the duckies) to sit next to her. And she has this pose she does any time you pull out your camera. She sticks one arm and leg in the air (the other arm too is she's not using it for holding something) and sticks her tongue out. So so silly. She learned that one from big sister. She loves being outside. She especially loves dirt. If she can find it she will have a hand full of it. When we are at the park she is constantly bringing me things. A stick, a rock, a leaf, a blade of grass. Then she goes back and fourth between wanting to hold them and wanted me to hold them so she can go gather more. I sure do love that little nugget.

Rosie's black leather bow care of Un Petit Meow. Check them out. We love them!


We didn't actually do a pumpkin patch this year but got to take a few home from Lilly's field trip to the farm. Over the weekend we cleaned 'em out and carved some jack 'o lanterns. The girls had way too much fun digging into the pumpkins. Lilly was very reserved at first (it feels yucky!) but that didn't last long. Rosie thought it was funny to squish her hands around in the bowl of discarded guts and then shake said messy hands in the air. Things quickly got out of control. And they love their pumpkins. Lilly has told me several times that her pumpkin is so sad and lonely outside and that he needs to come inside with us. Nope. Sorry kid. 

And mommy earned a glass of wine for not freaking out over the mess that was made. Huzzah. 

Lil's First Field Trip

Today was Lilly's first field trip. (I think... I don't remember if they did one last year. Mother of the year over here, yall.) We went to Green Meadows Petting Farm here in central Florida. 

We rode horses, trains and hay (you know what I mean) and had a ton of fun learning about different farm animals. We even had the opportunity to pet a few. Most of the animals were super chill but some ran like they were being chased by a group of crazy preschoolers. Because they were. I feel ya, baby chicks! If I had all those grubby little hands coming after me I'd hide in a corner and cry too. (JK- you guys. They were fine.)

The day ended with a stop at the pumpkin patch where Lilly check every single pumpkin until she found the right one. It was pretty much the best day ever. 

Baby Talk V. 11

Oh man. There are so many great things going around my house at the moment. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself.

From Lilly:
1. When anyone is bad (including animals) she calls them by a version of her full name. For example: Rosian Elouise! or Gidgian Elouise! (my sister's dog is Gidget) It is so stinkin funny and almost logical.
2. When Lilly is making something up so ends by saying FOR REAL.  It's a helpful tell.
3. Anything that has the 'th' sound it in. Three is free, think is sink, Thursday is fursday. I know it will self correct soon. I will be so sad on that day.

From Rosie:
1. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- as in goodbye but with a strong southern accent (which we as a family do not have). hehe
2. TEEEEEEEEEE- for 'cheese'. I guess I make her sit and pose a lot...

Serious & Silly

Last week my camera died and I was really sad about it. I bought my first (second-hand) DSLR camera right after Christmas and have really enjoyed learning about photography. It has quickly shot up to the top of my favorite hobbies list. So the thought of not having it and as a result losing the capability to take quality pictures of my kiddos really bummed me out.

I took it to a local photo shop that is awesome (Colonial Photo and Hobby) and found out my battery had just gone ka-put. It was such a quick and easy fix! I almost hugged the associate helping me. Thankfully I have some boundaries. 

I took these pictures the day I had the camera repaired. I love these little girls so much. Also- if you are looking for a great photography resource you must check out this blog

ps- did you notice that it look like Lil has Rosie in a choke hold in that one picture? LOLZ


1. Instagram- adventure // crafty kid // crazy kid // tired mama
2. Crafty- WIP laptop sleeve... not sure if I love the colors
3. Kids- LILLLY's metallic painting from school. I'm seriously dying over the colors.


My sweet little Rosie. She is so expressive and silly. My favorite face she makes is the squish face. If you follow my instagram then this is old news for you. If not- hold onto your butts (name that movie)!

It all started because it was one of the first expressions she copied. I would scrunch my nose and sniff at her and she would mimic me. This face has been in my family for generations and has been known as the 'scrunch face'. Welp, I called it a 'squish face' and made a hash tag #dailysquish before realizing my mom brain called it the wrong thing. I was all 'AW MAN!' then 'whatev' and just went with it. Now she makes the face all the time. Sometimes I will catch her watching tv and randomly squishing at it. How I wish I could climb into her little brain. I'm kind of obsessed with instagram. I'm more obsessed with this face. If you are too feel free to follow along: #dailysquish.


Howdy. I haven't done one of these in a hot minute. Just to let you know I'm still alive and all- here's what I'm currenly up to:

listening to- rend collective experience. over and over and over. so good.

anticipating- the arrival of my knitting machine parts. remember when i used to make scarves and such? (let's not talk about the pictures because - i just can't even. redic) anyway- i stopped making them because my beloved and overused knitting machine went ka-put but i've finally ordered replacement parts. i'm super excited to get it back out and hear to the rhythm a scarf makes. it's super loud and beautiful. my husband doesn't agree about the beautiful part. 

drinking- water. and lots of it. i've been dehydrated like a mother- which i am. so there. 

loving- that i helped lilly make her first felt softie today. i cut and marked where to sew the felt then she sewed the whole thing up. when we started i was concerned that the whole process would be way over her head but she totally got it. i had to hold the felt together and occasionally return her attention to the task at hand but she totally finished it. i even asked if she wanted to finish tomorrow but she refused and plugged on. my crafty mommy heart is so so so proud.

also loving- rosie barking. we are working on animal sounds and she will pick up a stuffed wolf (close enough) and bounce it up and down while saying "AR AR AR AR". again- close enough. it is so wonderful -in the truest sense of the word- to see our children grow and learn. i love them so much.

what have you been up to recently?

First day of PreK

Yesterday was Lilly's first day of PreK. She was so excited. She even told me "I don't need to bring blankie, mama. I'm a big kid now." (cue mama's tears) Her teachers are awesome and we are in love with the school in general.

She picked out this dress from H&M as the first-day-of-school dress in July. Girl was prepared. Can we talk about her backpack for a second too? I mean- come on. We are kinda in love.

She had a great first day. When I came to pick her up she hid because she didn't want to stop playing. She gave her teachers big hugs and woke up excited this morning, ready to go back. My mommy heart is so proud.

For a first day of school gift we gave her teachers some banana bread muffins in a mug. I stuck a toothpick in it with a green tape leaf and attached a note that said "We are excited to grow together with you this year." That's the best my night-before-over-tired brain could come up with.

We are both super excited about this year. 

And thank you Personal Creations for generously providing us with an awesome backpack for the new year.

End of summer



We did it. We made it. School started today. My plan was to post these pictures last week or over the weekend with some sort of summer wrap up but that didn't happen. I have to remind myself that almost everything in life is a season. And summer was a crazy one. 

We tried to end the summer with fun. We went to the splash pad (even though we couldn't find Lilly's swimsuit), jumped on the trampoline, went swimming and just laid around watching TV. We tried to savor the last few days of summer but -in all honesty- we were all over it. We were craving the routine school brings. Lilly wanted to play with friends and do something new every day. I wanted to lay on the couch and try to gather my brain cells from off the floor. Rosie wanted (still wants) to eat all day long. 

And then it happened. We woke up and it was over. Good bye summer (kind of- it's still like a gillion degrees here in Florida). I'm sure we will miss you in a few months- but right now we are so over you.

Mall of America

That time we went to the MOA and Lilly had the best day ever. Face painting. riding all the rides. Toys. Treats. Best day ever. Rosie had a pretty good day too. Walking. Eating. Sleeping. These girls are well loved.