Serious & Silly

Last week my camera died and I was really sad about it. I bought my first (second-hand) DSLR camera right after Christmas and have really enjoyed learning about photography. It has quickly shot up to the top of my favorite hobbies list. So the thought of not having it and as a result losing the capability to take quality pictures of my kiddos really bummed me out.

I took it to a local photo shop that is awesome (Colonial Photo and Hobby) and found out my battery had just gone ka-put. It was such a quick and easy fix! I almost hugged the associate helping me. Thankfully I have some boundaries. 

I took these pictures the day I had the camera repaired. I love these little girls so much. Also- if you are looking for a great photography resource you must check out this blog

ps- did you notice that it look like Lil has Rosie in a choke hold in that one picture? LOLZ

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