Lil's First Field Trip

Today was Lilly's first field trip. (I think... I don't remember if they did one last year. Mother of the year over here, yall.) We went to Green Meadows Petting Farm here in central Florida. 

We rode horses, trains and hay (you know what I mean) and had a ton of fun learning about different farm animals. We even had the opportunity to pet a few. Most of the animals were super chill but some ran like they were being chased by a group of crazy preschoolers. Because they were. I feel ya, baby chicks! If I had all those grubby little hands coming after me I'd hide in a corner and cry too. (JK- you guys. They were fine.)

The day ended with a stop at the pumpkin patch where Lilly check every single pumpkin until she found the right one. It was pretty much the best day ever. 

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