Things I don't want to forget.

I have really enjoyed spending some one on one time with little Rose since Lilly has been back in school. She has such a sweet little personality. There are so many things I'm afraid I'll forget. Like how she pats the ground whenever she wants someone (or something... like the duckies) to sit next to her. And she has this pose she does any time you pull out your camera. She sticks one arm and leg in the air (the other arm too is she's not using it for holding something) and sticks her tongue out. So so silly. She learned that one from big sister. She loves being outside. She especially loves dirt. If she can find it she will have a hand full of it. When we are at the park she is constantly bringing me things. A stick, a rock, a leaf, a blade of grass. Then she goes back and fourth between wanting to hold them and wanted me to hold them so she can go gather more. I sure do love that little nugget.

Rosie's black leather bow care of Un Petit Meow. Check them out. We love them!