Mermaid Tails with Jordan Emmitt

A few weekends ago the girls and I got to take part in my pal Jordan's first local workshop. It was held at the most adorable shop in Orlando called Paper Goat Post

I took a few pictures of things around the shop that I especially loved. I regret not buying the mug and jewelry dish because they are gone now. I may still go back for one of the animal heads. How many mounted faux animal heads are too many for a child's room? Asking for a friend...

Jordan led the kiddos in making several mermaid crafts- shell necklaces, painted wooden spoon dolls, and no-sew mermaid tail blanket things (don't remember the technical term). The girls loved painting their spoons (both versions of Ariel who were then forced to fight to the death several times) and playing in the glitter meant to decorate the spoons. They also enjoyed watching me tie their blanket sides up for them. 

If you're local and looking for a good time check out Paper Goat's event calendar or Jordan's blog for upcoming workshop news.