weaning from breast to bottle

I received a few questions yesterday about how we transitioned from breast to bottle so I decided to share our journey. Rosie was very disinterested in the bottle when I decided to start weaning her so I knew it would take a while. The most important tips I have are to be consistent and take your time.

We started by sub-ing one feeding a day with a bottle that was 2 oz formula and 4 oz breast milk. I usually gave her the bottle for her late morning feeding. Then she napped earlier in the morning and again in the afternoon so this way we didn't have to stop nursing to sleep. Again, she didn't care for the bottle and, in the beginning, would only take it if I was walking her around and singing to her during the feeding. After a few days I was stopped singing. We then increased to a half and half bottle and two bottles a day. Late morning and early evening for the same reason as above. About that time I was occasionally able to sit and feed her too (Thank God because my arms felt like they were going to fall off).

We continued to increase bottle feedings so that I was breast feeding her every 6 hours and giving her a bottle in between (she *still* eats every three hours). Oh, and that bottle was all formula. From there we just decreased the breast feedings and increased the bottle feedings until I was only nursing her at night. I would have to pump in between feedings to relieve engorgement but I would try to go for as long as I could so that my supply would decrease and eventually taper off. Obviously, with this schedule my milk supply did just that and we concluded our nursing journey well.

The whole process took about four weeks and we use tommy tippy bottles. I think that answered all the questions I got but feel free to ask any more if they come to mind!


nursing round two

Last night I nursed Rosie for the last time. While I will miss the closeness that accompanies nursing and I am happy with the decision.

When Lilly stopped nursing it was abrupt and unplanned. (she got teeth and was a biter. While we took a break to -ahem- let me heal, she decided she preferred the bottle and that was that) I was very emotional about it and cried a few times. I had feelings of guilt on top of the sadness and was just an all around mess.

This time I made the decision to stop. We needed a bit more flexibility in our schedule (and Rosie needed to learn to sleep through the night- that's a whole different post) We've been working on the switch since the beginning of the month and we took our time. I savored every drop of the end. I closed my eyes, listening to hear breath and nurse. I felt her chest rise and fall against mine. I watched her little eyes close and her little fingers twiddle her lovie. It was perfect.

She is a champ with her bottle and loves the freedom it gives her. I can hardly keep her still long enough to finish. She likes to drink a little on her back then scoot over to sit on my lap and have some there. Then turn sideways and recline in my arms, then sit back up and repeat.

I'll admit I was tempted to feel guilt again but I think it came from outside pressure. There are many moms who choose to nurse for the first year and beyond and while that is great it wasn't for us. This post from Danielle was super encouraging to me and helped me beat off that annoying feeling of mompetition and the accompanied guilt and/or shame I felt from trying to compare myself to other moms.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway- moral of the story is that we are all happy and excited about our new found freedom. Time to go on some adventures!

ps- I am OBSESSED with those jammies. I found them at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store. They give me hearts in my eyes.


Rosie had her first ride on a swing this week. She grinned cautiously as a pushed her slowly. Then Lilly wanted a turn. I was a little nervous that she wouldn't be gentle enough but apparently I was the one using an inappropriate pushing speed. Rosie's grin quickly turned into a huge smile and eventually belly laughs. They already have such a special bond. It melts my heart.

ps- leg rolls.

Baby Skelly

My sweet friend Jess sent me a book on Creepy Cute Crochet. Whenever I get a new pattern book I can't help but start one of the projects. No matter how many I already have in the works. But that's one great part of this book- quick projects. I made this little creeper by combining the skeleton and grim reaper patterns and am calling him a baby skelly. Similar to my baby ghosty.

Yesterday, I delivered baby skelly to my tattoo artist. He has a very cute 5 year old boy so I thought this might be right up his alley. I have really enjoyed gifting the last two projects I've completed. I'm used to taking orders and stocking my shop so this is a nice change of pace. And it sure does make me feel good to make others smile. So I guess I'm being a little selfish too. ;)

Have you finished any good projects lately?

embrace the camera

Amy and I were talking yesterday about an upcoming event. We were discussing when would be the best time for said event and we came to the conclusion that this year is flying by way to fast. January is already half over. Then it February will tumble past, March will fly by, April and May will zip past and then it will be June. JUNE! Rosie will be one in June. (cue the tears)

I took these pictures during a very rare minute of down time. She is so big already. And her little personality is killer. She is the happiest, chit chattiest, busiest Rosie I've ever known. I'm trying to savor the time while watching it slip through my fingers. So bittersweet.

Beach Love

I'm in love! I'm in love and I don't care who knows it! Yeah- those faces above are pretty lovable but I'm talking about my new (to me) camera. Its a canon rebel xt. I've never had a dslr (darn snazzy lens retractor... I made that up) camera before. I am completely under qualified and over excited. 

I used a day at the beach for practice. I love the camera. I love the beach. I love my girls. I love love. I love being in love. I don't care what it does to me. 

ps- It's been a long day and I really just wanted to share pictures. AKA- sorry for the above. ;)

Crocheted Plant

If you haven't experienced Crafty is Cool I suggest you click the link right now. Allison is amazing an amazingly talented fiber artist and creates the cutest pop culture amigurumi you've ever seen. This cute little plant is a pattern she made for michael's. You can find it here. (Did I mention it's free?)

It was super easy to make and assemble and is perfect for that special someone in your life with a black thumb. I gifted this one but need to make another for myself. I have a rare plant killing talent so you can understand this patterns appeal to me.

ps- did I mention I got a new camera?! I am so excited to learn how to use it. How excited you ask? The image below pretty much sums it up.

baby food

Happy Monday! Here are some funny baby food faces for your viewing pleasure.

Crafty: Mini Lilly

Whenever I make a something for someone- including my own kids- I have this irrational fear that they will hate it. That they will be all a handmade gift? oh........... Does anyone else feel that way?! And I was relieved that my sweet big girl liked her mini just as much as the fancy new la la loopsys.

I wasn't completely satisfied with the doll. It was my first time making a felt doll and she is a little lopsided but after some encouragement from my hubby I finished it up, tied a bow on top and put it under the tree.

The whole experience gave me a crafty high. Now I want to make ALL THE THINGS for Lilly.

Did you make anything special this Christmas?