weaning from breast to bottle

I received a few questions yesterday about how we transitioned from breast to bottle so I decided to share our journey. Rosie was very disinterested in the bottle when I decided to start weaning her so I knew it would take a while. The most important tips I have are to be consistent and take your time.

We started by sub-ing one feeding a day with a bottle that was 2 oz formula and 4 oz breast milk. I usually gave her the bottle for her late morning feeding. Then she napped earlier in the morning and again in the afternoon so this way we didn't have to stop nursing to sleep. Again, she didn't care for the bottle and, in the beginning, would only take it if I was walking her around and singing to her during the feeding. After a few days I was stopped singing. We then increased to a half and half bottle and two bottles a day. Late morning and early evening for the same reason as above. About that time I was occasionally able to sit and feed her too (Thank God because my arms felt like they were going to fall off).

We continued to increase bottle feedings so that I was breast feeding her every 6 hours and giving her a bottle in between (she *still* eats every three hours). Oh, and that bottle was all formula. From there we just decreased the breast feedings and increased the bottle feedings until I was only nursing her at night. I would have to pump in between feedings to relieve engorgement but I would try to go for as long as I could so that my supply would decrease and eventually taper off. Obviously, with this schedule my milk supply did just that and we concluded our nursing journey well.

The whole process took about four weeks and we use tommy tippy bottles. I think that answered all the questions I got but feel free to ask any more if they come to mind!


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