Crocheted Plant

If you haven't experienced Crafty is Cool I suggest you click the link right now. Allison is amazing an amazingly talented fiber artist and creates the cutest pop culture amigurumi you've ever seen. This cute little plant is a pattern she made for michael's. You can find it here. (Did I mention it's free?)

It was super easy to make and assemble and is perfect for that special someone in your life with a black thumb. I gifted this one but need to make another for myself. I have a rare plant killing talent so you can understand this patterns appeal to me.

ps- did I mention I got a new camera?! I am so excited to learn how to use it. How excited you ask? The image below pretty much sums it up.


  1. You are unbelievably talented! I can not wrap my brain around trying to crochet something like that :-)

    Also Rosie makes everyone want a baby :-) I just adore her

    1. You could totally do it Jess! I know it.

  2. That is really cute! And that last picture is even more adorable:)