This is just going to be a short and sweet blupdate since it is nearly 12:30am. (Can someone please let Lilly know that I would appreciate it if she slept in  tomorrow?)

As per my new years resolution of finishing things I start...

taa daaaa! I present, the completely finished, Jillian and James the Jellyfish. 
They are in love.

Seeing as I forgot to mention these two in the specifics of what needed to be finished I am kind of starting from square one now. But what a great place to start, right?

EDIT: I noticed that, according to blogspot, I posted this around 9:30pm. As it is actually close to 1am now I am not even going to try to fix it.

Outfit Post // Leu Gardens

The first Monday of the month is free at Leu Gardens, which is one of my favorite places. A must see if you are ever in Orlando. It is also one of Lillian's favorite places because she gets to run around like a wild jungle baby. 

Sometimes I run with her. 

There are more gardens then I can list. Some of my favorites are the rose garden and the veggie garden. Lillian likes the orange grove.

I felt especially cute today because I paired one of my mom's old sweaters with a new tank that I am quite honestly in love with.Wearing vintage pieces makes me feel like my old self again. It's helping me get out of my "new mom" rut. (Which I really should be out of at this point as Lillian is almost a year and a half old.)

 Tank: Converse One Star from Target, Necklace and Shoes: Target, Jeans: Gap, Sweater: Vintage

So, all in all, my review of Leu Gardens is two thumbs way up. Lillian would also give it two little thumbs up if she wasn't KO'd from all the running she did today.

New Years

This year my dear friend Gigi made a traditional southern new years meal for us.

The meal was made up of ham, collard greens, black eyed peas, cheddar cheese corn bread and a seven layer salad. Each food represents something for the new year: ham for health (oh, the irony), collard greens for pocket money, black eyed peas for saving money, corn bread for a plentiful harvest and salad was added for flavor. I ate as much as I could because I could definitely use some help in all those areas.

So here it is-
food & resolution:
ham + more yoga
greens/peas + earn more/spend less
corn bread + finishing projects*
salad + thoughtfulness**             

*My harvest is the projects I have already started. This is going to be a process because I have A LOT of loose ends to tie up, literally. To be more specific I have to finish two sweaters, one hat, one embroidery piece, four stuffed animals and three cell phone cozies. Also, I joined Project Restyle (which I am super excited about). You can find out more info from the link on the left.

**To add flavor to my life I am going to be more thoughtful about my decisions, goals and life in general. I feel like I am in a funk and want to more clearly define who I am and what I stand for.

Here's to a new year, new goals and new opportunities!