What I'm Working On: Jellyfish

One of my sweet friends, Liz, asked me to make her a jellyfish for her nursery and as jellyfish are one of my favorite things to make I said yes! (duh)

I must admit that the lady who wrote this pattern must be a freakin genius. It is completely nuts and calls for techniques I have never used elsewhere such as: knitting through the back loop, knitting short rows, wrapping and twisting. Cuh-razy. 

Hopefully I can post this weeks twig later today but statigram was down last night and I wasn't about to email myself alllllll those pics so... yeah. I'm lazy.

Lilly's Birthday Party (photo heavy)

We had Lilly's party on Saturday morning at the pool/clubhouse in my mom's neighborhood. It was shady and breezy and not too hot. 

After the party daddy had to go to work (back to school at target = no breaks), Lilly played with her balloons and mommy cleaned. It was a lovely time had by all. 

ps- those photos of my niece looking at the cup cakes kills me! 

Lilly's Second Birthday

My sweet baby turned two last friday. Sigh. 

We started the day off with a trip to Dunkin Donuts in our pj's. My mom used to take my sister and I to this same Dunkin Donuts when we were kids. We always got a donut and a mountain dew. Talk about sugar rush. The windows always fill with condensation in the hot Florida morning. Ah, memories...

The rest of the day was spent doing party prep. Ben went to work and Lilly went to play with her grammy. (She did come home in time to taste test the frosting though.) And my sister came over and helped me make some decorations and some cupcakes. 

The evening was spent playing with daddy (which resulted in quite a few diaper wedgies) and opening some presents. What a wonderful day. I'll share some photos from the party tomorrow. 

Two Years Ago Today...

Ok- so these photos are actually from the 20th or the 21st but I looked a mess on the 19th! 

♥ Happy Birthday Lillian Elouise! ♥

ps- you can read about her birth story here.

Baby Talk V.4

Miss Lillian has learned her ABCs... kinda. She does well with A-G and Q-Y. H-P are almost always left out and Z is zoo. Every time. She usually says it like she is shocked that she said zoo and maybe even a little affronted. It makes me laugh so hard every time.

I may or may not also sing zoo. (I do.)

Mommyhood Monday // ...

I am drawing a complete blank today. I have absoluetly nothing to say about motherhood. Nothing good or bad. I simply love my little girl and she loves me (most of the time). Now I am off to spend some more time loving her and hopefully will have something more substantial to post tomorrow...

I can still claim baby brain for this, right?

Beach Day!

Last weekend Lilly and I went to the beach with my step mom and my niece. 

Lilly's fear of water has completely gone away. She is so fearless that it leaves me terrified! I need to get that girl in swimming lessons asap! She was out so deep (for her) that she got splashed in the face several times and went completely under a few times too! She thought it was hysterical. I feel anxious just thinking out it. yeesh.

I hope you're having a great week so far!

Mommyhood Monday // Dislike

Some days your kids just don't like you.

The other day I wanted to take some cute pictures of Lilly and I in front of our chalk board wall. She wanted to hit me.

I explained to her that hitting makes mommy sad.

We got one mediocre photo. The set made my husband laugh. Such is life!