Mommyhood Monday // Dislike

Some days your kids just don't like you.

The other day I wanted to take some cute pictures of Lilly and I in front of our chalk board wall. She wanted to hit me.

I explained to her that hitting makes mommy sad.

We got one mediocre photo. The set made my husband laugh. Such is life!


  1. fact: sometimes mommy doesn't like her kids.

  2. Too funny...and cute. The photos still turned out pretty good...all things considered :p

  3. Hehehe, you will both look back on these one day and share a giggle! They are super cute. :) Maybe if you bribe her with a cupcake? Not sure if she is cupcake-aged yet, but that will probably work one day!

  4. I've been following you on Instagram for a while now, and I'm visiting your blog from Deanna's sponsor page at Delirious Rhapsody. I guess it's just destiny that I follow your blog tool. =] Your little girl is just about the cutest thing out there!

  5. :) still so cute!
    Love your braid ps