What I'm Working On: Jellyfish

One of my sweet friends, Liz, asked me to make her a jellyfish for her nursery and as jellyfish are one of my favorite things to make I said yes! (duh)

I must admit that the lady who wrote this pattern must be a freakin genius. It is completely nuts and calls for techniques I have never used elsewhere such as: knitting through the back loop, knitting short rows, wrapping and twisting. Cuh-razy. 

Hopefully I can post this weeks twig later today but statigram was down last night and I wasn't about to email myself alllllll those pics so... yeah. I'm lazy.


  1. I can't wait to see the finished product-- what a fun little idea!!

  2. Look forward to see it when it's done! Love jellyfish too:)

  3. I don't know if you are on Ravelry, but is this a free pattern, or did you purchase it ??!!!

  4. Oh, and if you indeed ARE on ravelry...what's your name ??!!! I want to see all of your proooojects


  5. Hello again:)
    Just here to pass this award on to you: