Sink Bath

10 things i love about sink baths:
1. easy access. i'm trying to give my kid a bath not good work out. no hunching and reaching FTW.
2. baby face.
3. watching that baby booty slip and slide on the slick sink bottom (say that three times fast).
4. baby booty.
5. watching rosie try to grab everything off the counter tops without me noticing. such an adorable fail.
6. the spray nozzle. girl gets dirty, yall.
7. baby wrinkled fingers.
8. the ease of cleaning a small space in case someone -ahem- soils the tub.
9. baby giggles.
10. the afternoon light that comes through the window and makes a simple bath look darn good.


  1. oh gosh - i LOOOOVE that first photo!! sink baths are the sweetest and i'm jealous that you have a li'l' one that can fit in one! xxoo

  2. she is so adorable! i may have to consider bathing my 18 month old in the sink. the reaching and hunching over the regular tub is horrible!

    1. I'm not a fan of regular bath time. Why can't they just shower like the rest of us?! ;)

  3. I was always so sad when my littles got too big for the sink baths. They are the best! xo

    1. Also, for those times you need to was the smashed in noodles out of their hair, the garbage disposal is very handy.

  4. My husband bought the same sink for our new house because, "Jack will look great in it." Gotta love a guy who bases home decor purchases on how cute our son will look in/on/around it!