Baby Talk V. 11

Oh man. There are so many great things going around my house at the moment. I feel selfish keeping them all to myself.

From Lilly:
1. When anyone is bad (including animals) she calls them by a version of her full name. For example: Rosian Elouise! or Gidgian Elouise! (my sister's dog is Gidget) It is so stinkin funny and almost logical.
2. When Lilly is making something up so ends by saying FOR REAL.  It's a helpful tell.
3. Anything that has the 'th' sound it in. Three is free, think is sink, Thursday is fursday. I know it will self correct soon. I will be so sad on that day.

From Rosie:
1. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY- as in goodbye but with a strong southern accent (which we as a family do not have). hehe
2. TEEEEEEEEEE- for 'cheese'. I guess I make her sit and pose a lot...

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