My sweet little Rosie. She is so expressive and silly. My favorite face she makes is the squish face. If you follow my instagram then this is old news for you. If not- hold onto your butts (name that movie)!

It all started because it was one of the first expressions she copied. I would scrunch my nose and sniff at her and she would mimic me. This face has been in my family for generations and has been known as the 'scrunch face'. Welp, I called it a 'squish face' and made a hash tag #dailysquish before realizing my mom brain called it the wrong thing. I was all 'AW MAN!' then 'whatev' and just went with it. Now she makes the face all the time. Sometimes I will catch her watching tv and randomly squishing at it. How I wish I could climb into her little brain. I'm kind of obsessed with instagram. I'm more obsessed with this face. If you are too feel free to follow along: #dailysquish.


  1. Holy crap OMG her squish (aka scrunch) is one of my favorite things. One day when I have a daughter, I will teach her this face. LOVE. Thank you for sharing with us!