VBAC vs C-section update

So waaaay back in December I posted about the impending decision of VBAC vs c-section (you can read it here). Since then we have made choices and signed papers so I thought I'd give you a little up date. 

The consent forms for a VBAC have been signed and I am feeling very positive about it. I know every pregnancy is different but with Lilly I had to take measures to stop myself from going into labor before my c-section. I was having contractions and started dilating at 34ish weeks so I was put on restricted work rest (all sitting no walking) and had a pill I took to stop the contractions. It wasn't true labor but they didn't want it to develop. That is why I'm feeling positive about going into labor on time with Rosie. What do I mean by on time? Where here is the catch to getting to attempt a VBAC. Due to the risk of rupture my doctor won't let me go past 40 weeks. I have to schedule my c-section at my next appointment and hope that I go before then. So I am praying that it will happen. And like I said, I'm feeling very positive about it.

Even though my due date is June 9th I will be scheduling my surgery for the 7th. So we can just go ahead and call that the new due date (or D Day). The reason I am scheduling it a few days earlier is to insure my doctor is the one who does the c-section if it comes to that. The fact that she has already been in there (there being my belly) and knows what to expect is a big deal to me. As I mentioned in the previous VBAC vs c-section post, this doctor discovered that I have a lot of internal scarring from my previous c-section so it is comforting to me to know the person who is performing surgery to safely deliver my sweet baby has experienced what she is up against. Does that make sense? Maybe I'm just being a crazy control freak but it's the decision I've made. 

Of course, things could happen to void the VBAC option between then and now but I am trusting that God's plan is best no matter what it is. So that is! If you're the praying type I would appreciate some. ;)

Thanks friends!


  1. You don't sound like a control freak at all! I told Scott if we ever get pregnant again that I want the Dr who performed my c-section to be my next OB. She was the Kasier OB on call (I had Judah almost a month early and had to have a c section be he was frank breached and the Drs there told me they don't know how to deliver a frank breach baby and Judah wanted out) But I want her to be my next OB because she has already been inside my belly and it took them forever to stitch me up/stop the bleeding. Goodness no wonder Im afraid to have another ha!

    1. I'm sure things would go smoother the second time around. You and the doctors would have a better idea of what to expect. ;*

  2. That's very exciting, but I can see why you would be a little nervous. Everything will be fine one way or another. These Doctors... they do good =)

    - Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  3. Always praying for you my sweet sweet friend! Xoxo