Minnesota Children's Museum


The Minnesota Children's Museum was serious fun. Our favorite place was the rooftop playground. We have finally readjusted to being back in the Florida heat but are secretly dreaming of the cool Minneapolis weather.


  1. Hi Sara, how are you? The top picture is such a priceless photo, it so cute. I don't think we have a children museum here in London, Sound like you had loads of fun. xx


  2. I've read your blog for about a year and follow you on instagram. We live in MPLS saint paul area. While you visited, we had family here from Az and were showing them all the spots to visit. We would visit como and then I would see that a few hours later, same with Minnehaha falls and a few others. Ya'll kept going to the same places, or we would visit shortly after you did. I drempt a dream we would spot you, but alas we did not. Glad you enjoyed your stay!