The Mischief of Lillian Elouise & The Crayon

Last week Ben called me into the bedroom to see what Lillian had done. (Ruh Row.) Upon my arrival she confessed that she had colored on the wall.( Insert stern mama face.) I started to scold her until I saw what she drew. It was two people! Then I started to laugh/cry. I was so proud of her. (Insert confused toddler here.) 

Up until this point she had only drawn lines and the occasional circle. I was starting to become concerned (paranoid much?) because I saw other kids her age drawing figures. I eventually put my mom pants back on and told her how I was so proud of her drawings but preferred that she didn't do them on the walls. I started to make her clean it off which she actually enjoyed (fail) so I took the magic eraser from her and did it myself which made her cry (win?). 

I am one proud mama... I think.
( ♥ )


  1. They are fabulous people! Chalkboard wall paint???

    1. We have one! Maybe that's where she got the idea...

  2. This should be your next tattoo!!

  3. this post is hilarious. i love it.

  4. Tempe joined the bandwagon...I've found her "people" drawings on tables, floors, her bedframe... oy.