Just a mom.

Can I make a confession?  Some days I struggle with just being a mom. There are so many thoughts/ideas/plans swirling around in my head that I want to do now.

Some are little: crafts to make, things to learn, pictures to take.

Some are boring: nails to paint, food to eat, laundry to clean.

Some are big and exciting: trips to take, collaborations to make.

But for now most of these things are on hold because there is always someone who needs their mommy. And even though my pride urges me to pursue my selfish desires I know in my heart of hearts that I would rather be here to kiss scraped knees and tickle little toes. I know a time will come when I have all the free time I could want. And I'm told I will miss them terribly. Today I will just be their mommy and maybe after they go to bed I can paint my nails.


  1. I've struggled a lot lately with that too. I want to go back to making pretty things having the freedom I had before I had kids. But like you said, they grow so fast, so I need to remember to take it slow and plan crafts for later.

    1. Indeed. And you can always craft with them. It just requires a lot more prep and clean up. ha!

  2. I hear ya mama! You're doing great and are only human. xo

  3. This is a really beautiful photo and post.
    “We must always count the cost, and the cost must always be ours, not our children’s.”

    - Amanda F

  4. It's so tough..I am at a constant struggle between all those things, and yes, the kiddos always win out, and that is exactly the way it should be. I'd rather be grateful for this time then wonder where it went 20 years from now :)

  5. hi there! i just found you/your blog through in her lovely life... and i love this space you've created! i'm off to read more...