Rosie's 4th month

Stats: weight 12 lbs 13oz (25%), height 24 1/4 inches (50%), head circ 16 1/4 inches (75%) so basically she is a match stick.

Mommy's thoughts: Remember when Rosie slept through the night? That didn't last. I hope think she is teething. She is drooling like crazy and generally more fussy then usual. Lilly hates the drool. She is constantly loosing it over the drool. MOMMY!! ROSIE IS GOING TO SPIT UP ON MY DRESS! Lilly, it's not spit up it's just drool and it won't hurt you. Lillian sprouted her first tooth around this time so I'm hoping that is whats up with my little angel. Because she has been less then angelic this month.

Rosie loves: Her daddy. She had been going through a mom only phase but that seems to be on it's way out. The second daddy walks in the door she is all wiggly and smiley. She really tries to get his attention and is over the moon when she gets it. I love watching my girls love their daddy and watching him love them back is even better. It is a healing balm to my daddy issue wounds.

Rosie likes: Her hands. She really enjoys grabbing at stuff like my hair (which is different from when Lilly was a baby because my hair wasn't long enough for her chubby fingers to get), Lilly's clothes (see above paragraph) etc. She also enjoys chewing on them and using them to grab at my face when she is nursing (which I kinda love).

Rosie dislikes: Being alone. She loves being the center of attention and does not like any time when that is not the case. If she can't be the center of attention then she does this almost cute whiney cry until someone picks her up. Mommy dislikes the whiney cry.


  1. Rosie sounds like the girl version on Thomas.He hates not being the center of attention and he loves playing with my face when we are having snuggles.

  2. She is friggin' adorable! Her eyebrows are killing me, haha!

  3. Happy four months... she is such a cu tie pie!!

    My littlest was 4 months on Sunday... another matchstick baby.

  4. She is absolutely gorgeous!
    My daughter just turned one last week - still can't believe it!