Baby Talk V.10

Lilly's imagination is in full swing these days and it is awesome. She comes up with some of the craziest stuff (like the above) and as hard as I try to be all "That's not polite! Don't talk like that!" I am secretly giggling inside. Here are some more fun things Lilly says:

- Cram-ra: She is trying to say camera. This refers to either the camera or the video baby monitor.
- Hanatizer: Hand Sanitizer
- I: Used in place of "me". Let I see. 
- Sprinkley: Sparkle
- Hambanger: Hamburger

I can only imagine the stories Lilly and Rosie will come up with together once Rosie starts talking. 


  1. funny! my four year old does the "hanitizer" one so much that i call it that now!


  2. That is the most amazing story ever.... I can't wait till Robbie gets home so I can read it to him! I miss my sweet girl and I miss you! Xo