Baby Talk V.8

Isn't it crazy how things change all while they stay the same. The picture on the left was taken in April of 2011 and was used in my first baby talk post. The picture on the right is from this month. I have been compiling some of the "sweet" things she has been saying (sweet is in quotations because they are more like sassy and embarrassing) and realized that the name baby talk doesn't really apply to her anymore. She certainly isn't a baby. Anyway- here are some Lilly-isms.

-note: I just read back through all the baby talk posts and I basically say the above over and over. Ha. Moms, amiright?-

  • last night/yesterday- Lillian has no concept of time and refers to everything that happened in the past- whether it was this morning or 3 months ago- as either yesterday or last night.
  • "foop foop"- aparently this is what I sound like when I whistle for the dog. Lilly is really into playing with Liberty right now and calls for her by cupping her mouth and saying/shouting "foop foop". It's pretty cute.
  • pillow- hippo. Lilly got a hippo toy in her happy meal (judge away) the other day and mistakenly called it a pillow. She corrected herself that night but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted.

and more...
  • While at Target I hear Lilly ask "Are those your big butt cheeks?" while walking behind me. I turn around feeling mortified thinking I'm about to come face to face with a very offended person to find her staring and pointing at my behind. Yep. Thanks, Lil. 
  • After getting all dressed up for my baby shower (which I promise I will share pictures of!) I asked Lilly how I looked. She said, "Not good." Plain and simple. Once my husband picked himself up off the floor from his fit of laughter he scolded her and told me I looked very pretty. 
  • While at Dunkin Donuts, Lilly very randomly turned to me and said "Are we safe in here or are there alligators?" I assured her of her safety.
  • If you've ever been pregnant before (or around someone who is very pregnant) you may know that gas is just part of the game. Luckily, if you have another child you can just blame any potentially embarrassing public situations on them... or so I thought. At the park I may or may not have accidentally let one rip (I'll never admit it!) and Ben said, "What was that?!?" I replied, "Lilly." Lilly replied (in a very loud voice), "THAT WASN'T LILLY'S TOOT! THAT WAS A MOMMY TOOT!" Shamed in public by my own daughter. 
Like I was saying- these little sayings and stories are becoming less cute for me and more enjoyable for everyone else. Luckily, in a few months, I will have more cute things from a new child who still loves me- even in public.


  1. LIlly is pure awesome. Katy Claire does the same thing with time, although she can't even get down yesterday. She says "lasterday," which since she is the baby of the family, I will never ever correct, not even if she is sixteen.

    And I, too, always check for girl.

    Praying for you this week!

    1. I will never correct Lilly either. Ben does it all the time! She is already too smart- he needs to step off.

  2. Yay for Mummy Toots! They are real and they happen, in public!!!!! That kid of your's is pure gold Stoff, pure gold ;)
    Toni xo

    1. so true. She just needs to keep her voice down! ;)

  3. This is the funniest post I have read in so long! I am totally cracking up over here. Your daughter sounds so fantastic. Wonder where she gets it from :)

  4. Hilarious =) What a great side-kick! I love the butt question she asked. My daughter said that when she grows up she wan't lines on her belly like me. (stretch marks) much for thinking they may not be that noticeable ;)

  5. My husband just asked me why I was laughing and crying and its because of Lilly! ha ha ha ha