Choosing Happiness

A beautiful rose from our walk in the park.
Guess why I smile a lot? Because it's worth it. - Marcel The Shell

Last Thursday was the first day that Lilly, Rosie and I were alone. Just the three of us. Ben's mom stayed with us for the for two weeks after my cesarean and was so helpful. But Wednesday night she went back to MN and that was that. 

Thursday started out pretty smoothly- Ben went in late to work so I could sleep in a bit and get ready for the day. After he left I took Lilly and Rosie to the park. Things went less smoothly there. Lilly did a mediocre job listening. Rosie cried about 50-60% of the time. I'm pretty sure there was at least one person crying for most of the day. But you know what, it wasn't bad. In fact I wouldn't trade it for the world. I knew it wouldn't be all rainbows and kittens with a toddler and a newborn and it certainly isn't. But I am choosing happiness. When I am awake to watch the sun rise, I am choosing to be thankful. When I am exhausted and hungry I choose to be grateful. I have two beautiful and healthy daughters. What do I have to complain about?! (well- I do complain a bit which you already know if you follow me on twitter. but nobody's perfect)

The point is that this is just a phase. There are so many of them in life. Times when we feel beat down, exhausted or overwhelmed but it is just a season. And a time will come when we don't even remember the things that made us feel bad. I have been looking back on Lillian's new born days with stars in my eyes even though I KNOW I was very lost during that time. And I will do the same thing with Rosie... eventually.

I'm determined to keep my head up and be thankful for this precious and fleeting time in my life. The newborn phase. le sigh.

ps- I hope you choose happiness too. It's worth it.


  1. Beautiful thoughts darling :) so happy for you and the beautiful fam xo

  2. I am with Toni so happy for your beautiful family and I can only imagine the struggles with a wee one and a toddler. I give you so much credit Sara since I know I could not tolerate or handle two short people in my house at once. You are doing a wonderful job :)

    1. Thanks Jodi! It's a challenge and I don't always feel like I'm up for it but I know I can do it. xoxo

  3. Awesome Sara. I know it's not easy, but these girls are your charge on earth for a reason, and you're equipped by the best outfitter there is.

  4. Love this post sweet friend, I am right there with ya, I am trying to (as much as I can) to choose happiness, to choose forgiveness and to choose what is honorable and pleasing to the Lord, I notice when you do choose these things, that the day tends to have its own little silver lining

    sending you hugs, your so brave to have two at home

  5. I'm obsessed with marcel the shell! hahah