• Listening to: a lot of pop music. Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry etc. Nothing helps me combat low energy and crankiness like a good old dance sesh.
  • Reading: the Bible. Getting into she reads truth has been so great. Sometimes I feel nervous about sharing such personal things, especially about my faith, but the positive feedback and community that has come from sharing that intimacy has been amazing. God is faithful and fear is so unnecessary.
  • Thinking about: doing a journal challenge this summer. I've been journaling my progress through Soul Detox and found my creative journal from last summer and it has sparked the flame in me. Would you be interested in doing a journal challenge with me?
  • Loving: My hair. I know this sounds silly but I thought I should give an update since so many of my previous "currently"s have involved discussion about disliking my hair. I got it cut and colored for mother's day (did I already mention that?) and it took me a little while to get used to. I also can't do a top know anymore. GASP! But have found a few other options that are cute and easy. 
  • Anticipating: Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Rosie. Tomorrow is the big day! (Unless she came on her own during the week- I wrote this post on Saturday...)
  • Thankful for: Lillian Elouise. Even though these past few days have been tough for us (energetic toddler + pregnormous me = trouble) I am so thankful to have such a smart and creative -not to mention stinkin' cute- daughter. I have been so blessed with her. Did I mention she is swimming underwater all by herself? For real. She can't go very far and isn't great at it but she can do it. It's amazing. I'll post a video later. 
as always- inspired by Dani


  1. I would be down for doing a journal challenge with you, although I'm unsure of what this requires me to do. :)

  2. I love you more because you love pop music :-) if I am ever in a bad mood or if Judah is in a bad mood we listen to pop music. I think I read somewhere that pop music puts you in a better mood, although Scott tells me that its another trick one of my high school students told me that I was gullible enough to believe.

    I am loving the soul detox! What I like best about it is that I can actually read it from my phone. So I don't have to bring my huge bible with me when we fly to San Fran. I always bring my bible but its hard lugging around your bible, snacks for Judah, toys for Judah and everything else that comes with traveling with a baby.

    Rosies birthday is tomorrow!!!! So I excited for you!!! I've anticipated her birthday for so long now :-) How exciting is it that we were able to walk alongside you during your pregnancy! I remember the day you announced it :-)

    I'll totally do a journal challenge
    and I always love your hair
    have a wonderful last day as a mama of one :-) because tomorrow you will be a mama of two!

  3. Praying for you lots mama for Rosie's safe arrival! I can't imagine how anxious and excited you are!

  4. Oops, I also meant to say I would be down for the journal challenge too! I love journalling =)