Swimming Lessons Recap

Well, I have to say that swimming ended really well and was worth every penny. If you live in Florida I would highly recommend Sharks and Minnows. Lilly's attitude really improved from week one and while she did still tell me (every day) that she didn't want to go under water she did it like a champ. Her teacher, Miss Brittany, was perfect. Tough but not too tough. She kept the class moving and everyone on task even when it was difficult. I should have done this recap earlier so I could remember what we learned and how she did on each day but -you know- I didn't. Here are some of the overall skills she learned: 
-beginners back float 
-jumping into the pool, turning and getting back to the ledge 
-climbing out of the pool
-crawling along the edge of the pool in the water (monkey crawl) 
-lots of introduction to under water swimming

We have been to the pool almost every day since we wrapped lessons and it has been amazing! Lilly is so confident (a little too confident sometimes) and goes under all by herself. She like to hang onto the edge of the wall and count "one, two, free!" and she lets go, goes under, doggie paddles for a few seconds and then pulls herself back up. I do lots of clapping and cheering from my life guard position right next to her. She will even remind me when I forget to clap. "Clap mama!" My bad. 

When we are done I always ask her who the best swimmer is and she confidently says "LILLY!" A true statement if you ask me.


  1. Super fun, I remember having swimming lessons :)

  2. That's awesome! I'm happy for her. Next - surf lessons (o;

  3. This little girl is too precious. Her little double thumbs up kill me.