Maternity Pictures: Rose Garden

Our second location was at a rose garden right down the street from Sassafras. See a theme here? hint: it's Rosie. Jordan took pictures with of me with a stargazer lily when I was pregnant with Lilly so I wanted to carry on the tradition. We even managed to find a rose and a lily. Oh, my heart. I have totally embraced the fact that I have become one of those people who have a theme for their kids names. A garden of babies! Don't judge. I'll share the last set of pictures with the whole family tomorrow.

You can check out the first batch of pictures here!


  1. Oh my goooosh, Sara this is awesome. I love the Rosie theme!!! SO precious! I cannot wait to see that baby inside of you. Goodness, when are you due?

    Also, on a completely different note, would you perhaps have time to make me a button for your blog? I don't want my buttons to be the one atop your feature. Let me know!

  2. Beautiful!!! My favs of all of them! I love that you have a Rose and a Lilly! :)

  3. These photos are so beautiful! And I love their names! You are so pretty!