MM // life lessons at the berry patch

Over the weekend Amy and I took the kiddos to the berry patch. It was a beautiful and blustery day.The blueberry bushes looked like they needed a while but the strawberries (or as Lilly says, "strawbellies") were perfect. Amazingly ripe and juicy. Delicious.  

I even learned a little lesson at the patch. (hint: Frankie says to do it) More then once Lilly picked a green or overly ripe strawberry. I kept my eyes on what she was putting in her basket, making sure they were perfect, since I was paying for them after all. But after a little while I realized that I wasn't having any fun! I was so focused on getting the "right" strawberries that I was missing all the sweet moments taking place in front of my face. So I decided to RELAX and enjoy the experience I was having with my daughter and our friends. Life is so much more then having the right strawberries. While a ripe berry is delicious- it's important to enjoy the picking too. 


  1. You did good Ma. It was so much fun! Thanks for meeting up with us.


  2. good reminder :-)
    Looks like you all had so much fun