One Month Old

Rosie celebrated one month of life on "the outside" on Saturday by sleeping, eating and pooping. I can't believe it has already been a month. I can see her changing and it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I am so excited to see her features and little personality develop but sad because it is already going by so fast. Only 11 more of these short time spans and she will be a year old! Too fast. Here are some fun facts about Rosie's first month of life:

  • Mommy was: wondering what color her eyes will be. They are blueish right now and I would love for them to stay that way and be like daddy's. The doctor said it isn't likely though because of my Hispanic blood. Fingers crossed.
  • Rosie loves: eating, her paci, sleeping in mama's or daddy's arms, big sissy's kisses. 
  • Rosie likes: sleeping in her bassinet, being held upright on a shoulder, pooping.
  • Rosie dislikes: not sleeping, not eating and dirty diapers. Oh, and baby acne. Maybe she doesn't mind it but I certainly don't like it.
Time flies when you sleep all day. 


  1. Funny baby legs are the cutest!

  2. oh my gah! she is so precious, I love her<3

  3. Thats my girl... I love her so so so much! I can't believe it has been a month ether. Wow time really does fly. I need to come hold her more before she won't let me anymore like Miss Lilly! :(

  4. She's beautiful! Crazy that it's already been a month!

  5. Oh wow I could eat her up she's so adorable. What a little angel. You must be busting with pride. How wonderful. I know i"ll be feeling the same sadness of how fast that first month goes in a blink of an eye (just had our 2nd baby 2 weeks ago)

    - Sarah

  6. Cute pictures! My little one is almost 13 months... and it seems like just yesterday I was writing his one month update!