TDPP Thank You Dinner

The Dinner Party Project is an organization local to Orlando that brings strangers together with the goal of fostering community while eating really great food. I will write more about the organization itself another time. Right now I want to make note of what this community means to me. 

I became involved with TDPP last year. First, I went to a dinner. It was a week night and I had to scramble last minute to find someone to watch the girls after my original sitter canceled. I had already rescheduled so even though I was mentally exhausted from the work day plus the last minute child care change up I went. It was held at a local venue, there were 8 guests in attendance including our host, Katie. 

I walked in the door feeling grumpy from the aforementioned circumstances and left a few hours later feeling full of life. With such a small group you can't hide but that is what is so great. The host helps you feel welcome and facilitates conversation. I saw below the surface of my fellow guests. I really saw them. I heard them- I heard who they are and what they are passionate about. And I was heard which is a beautiful feeling. 

So I asked how I could join in.

Dana, the founder, welcomed me with open arms and walked me through the hosting process. I now host about once a month and it continues to give me life every. single. time. Dana organized a special dinner for all of the hosts, chefs, venue owners, volunteers (etc.) right before Christmas and it was amazing.  I wore a gold sequin jumpsuit with my white high top sneaks and clearly made a fool of myself rubbing the sequins all night long. Great food and amazing people- can't beat that. 

To find out more about The Dinner Party Project visit

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