Stress Dreams

Yesterday Lilly told that there was an incident at school where she didn't get to color while everyone else did. Apparently a boy took her seat. (The nerve!)  I know better then to believe that this was as big of a deal as she made it out to be because she is three and doesn't share all sides of the story. (although my momma bear instinct did flare up a bit)

That night while I was sitting in the girls room feeding Rosie and Lilly shouted in her sleep, "I want to color!" It's those kind of moments that make me realize how big she is. Having stress related dreams is to grown up for her if you ask me. But I can't protect her from everything- and crayon related stress isn't too bad. Sometimes, as a momma, I forget that my end goal is to raise happy, successful and well adjusted adults. Not an adult sized child. It is better to allow stress into her life so I can teach her how to handle it then to keep her stress free. And it's better to teach her to be in control of her own circumstances (Next time just grab your own chair and color! Don't wait for someone else to make room for you!)  then for me to get in a fight with this neanderthal boy's mother, right?

or should we go get our pitchforks?

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