Felt Food

After Amy taught me how to make felt donuts I have become a little obsessed with making stuff out of felt. So when a friend invited us to her son's birthday party I knew what we were giving him. He is a chef in the making so I decided to stick to food and made him an assortment of breakfast foods. Toaster pastries, cinnamon rolls, an orange slice and a fried egg. So easy. So much fun.

And since I'm not going to attempt any sort of diy or tutorial here are some links to help you get or make some cute felt food for yourself!

Little Picklepotamus has felt food including this breakfast set that is ready to ship!

Sweet Emma Jean has a ton of felt food patterns and tutorials ready to go if you want to DIY.

Felt is definitely my current favorite craft medium. What's yours?


  1. omg! this is so great. i wish we could get together and do crafts together. i wanna do this for ronin. such a great idea. :)

  2. I love felt food! i really enjoy making eggs lol xx

  3. These are so cute Sara!! I love the orange slice :)