I've decided to give gardening another go. I tried last year (or maybe the year before that) and harvested nothing. Everything dried up in this ungodly Florida heat. But here I am, trying again. It's in my blood.

My grandfather was a farmer. He always had a small vegetable patch on his land. No raised beds. No fancy hoses. No miracle grow. But they grew and we ate them. And so I am determined to make my Bapi proud and produce something, anything, from my garden.

I've planted corn, peppers, peas and zucchini as well as sun and other various types of flowers. I. Am. Determined. Squirrels be warned: mama ain't playing.


  1. I took on too much last year, but I'm glad I'm gardening this year. Strawberries and herbs are my favorites.

    1. I am so jumping on the strawberry train next year. I planted to late for them here. :(