my little flowers

Warning: Rosie is turning one on Friday (andplusalso I maybe might be pmsing) therefore I am probably going to be an emotional wreck all week.

Today I took the girls to Leu Gardens which is an absolutely beautiful place to visit should you ever come to Orlando. I brought the good camera to snap a few pictures of Rosie on her birthday week. Little did I realize the emotional flood I was building up for myself. We took Lilly's one year pictures at this same garden. There is one in particular of her sitting on the same lawn as the above photo. Perhaps it was the humidity or the whining children that made me miss this fact while we were there but tonight, while editing the pictures, it hit me. My first baby is no longer a baby. She practically looks like a teenager in above pictures (husband interjects: there is a whole decade before she is a teenager). The damn burst and I totally would have sobbed my eyes out if it weren't for the stye currently infesting my face. Tears = pain which immediately stopped the tears. So I suppose I should be grateful for the stye. 

Anyway- my point is that I am so proud of my first baby. She is growing into a beautiful young lady little girl. And my little baby won't be little much longer. Ouch. Tears. Emotions. It's going to be a long week. 


  1. Her little ooooh face kills me!

  2. The fact that Rosie is wearing a necklace makes my insides turn to a pile of mush.

  3. You have such beautiful daughters! I took a look at your Instagram photo from the right sidebar, the one that's a collage of you and your family. I looked at it and thought, "Here is a family who won the lottery gene." Lol.

  4. They are both adorable and pretty! I think both of your girls will grow to be stunningly beautiful just like their mother. Yes, time really flies so fast and we as mothers hope that they would stay that way forever, with innocence in their eyes and their love to us in undivided.

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