girls night

Let me tell you something about my friend Gigi: I am completely confident that we will be great friends for the rest of our lives. We have this amazingly unique relationship. We are really more like sisters. For example, we make plans all the time but constantly cancel on each other because something else comes up. In our friendship it is understood that we will always be friends no matter what. So if she gets invited to a party or I want to go to bed early (did I mention how much more exciting her life is?) we know that there are no hard feelings, no awkward "why doesn't she want to hang out with me" moments, not even apologies. It's a complete confidence in our love for each other and it is a beautiful thing.

Another great thing about Gigi is that she lives in a teeny tiny adorable apartment with a closet sized kitchen. So when she wants to cook she does it at my house. (You may remember her amazing new years meal.) Last night she made us beef stew with collard greens, carrots, onions, squash and potatoes. It is so lovely to catch up with her over a glass of wine and a bowl of home made soup.

What a perfect Thursday night.


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