Let me introduce Marjorie

Marjorie is only a little rebellious. She would like to be a lot more rebellious but is too afraid. She has tried to express this by talking back to her parents and staying up late but they tell her to stop pretending. She is no rebel. She's a goodie goodie.

So she expresses her rebellion through loud accessories that annoy her mother. A happy compromise.

 Marjorie's accessories.

I love Marg. I think she is too stinkin cute. She has been floating around my house for a few weeks now. She was based on some toys I made for my good friend Jordan's nursery. (ps- how amazing is Autumn's nursery?)

The idea of dress up monsters just came to me this afternoon as I was sorting through all my unfinished items and I have to say that I love it! I mean, I'm a girl so I like to play dress up and I love little monsters so viola! A toy is born.

Marg should be available in my etsy shop later this evening.

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