Orange Blossom

Spring has sprung in Florida and the orange trees in my back yard are in bloom. I can honestly tell you that orange blossoms are the best smell ever. One of the trees is right outside my bedroom window and I plan to keep it open to let the smell waft in. I'm kinda obsessed.

I gathered up all the flowers that fell around the bottom of the tree, brought them inside and put them in a bowl. I have been moving the bowl from room to room with me and periodically stopping to take a whiff. (The bowl is sitting right in front of me on the computer desk as we speak!)

I made an attempt at a crocheted orange blossom but it's a hot mess. Not horrible for my first crochet free for all, but certainly not good. 

Also, I pampered myself with a manicure this evening. (Let me be clear: I "pampered" myself as in did it my self... can't wait until nails are in the budget again.)

I used a little OPI sample that came in my stocking a few years back. My intention going into this manicure session was to use a nice, subdued, "adult" color and I ended up with this hot pink/magenta color. Then, almost immediately after finishing, I starting fiddling around and nicked it up. Maybe I'll grow up one of these days.


  1. Ooo, I like that color. What's it called?

  2. Kristin, I wish I knew the color! There isn't a label on the tiny bottle. It came in a set of three and the names were on the box but I probably threw that away shortly after Christmas. :(

    Audrey, I'm with you. I'm brainstorming to find a way to extract the smell so I can keep it.