Editorial Part 2 + Out takes

So, it turns out blogging on vacation is a little harder then anticipated. Who knew I was so attached to the old clunker sitting back at home on my computer desk! So I have pretty much scrapped my weekly features and am just doing what I can. Luckily, Jordan uploaded the rest of our editorial photo shoot onto her blog so I snatched up some more pictures to share. The above images are some of my favorites. The first one with the glasses is probably my most favorite ever. I'm not going to lie, it makes me feel a bit like a movie star. You can even see Jordan in the glasses!

The below photos are some outtakes from our serious shoot. 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. (which is a lot! does that make me super conceded? probably) It is just such a nice break from my usual jeans and a tee, only mascara and blush wearing lifestyle. I think every mom deserves some super glam pictures of herself. It's a nice reminder that we are women too. 

ps- you can see part one here.


  1. I love the one with glasses! You have amazing hair! Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  2. Love these! I totally agree that every lady should have glam shots-they make you feel super awesome! Have a great vacation!

  3. I LOVE the 2nd the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO beautiful! I really love these!

  4. TO: My Best Friend in the Whole WOLRD!!!!!
    I have always known how amazingly beautiful you are, since I first met you eleven years ago... and nothing has changed. Beside the fact that, now you know!!! Watching you go threw pregnancy, then birth, then motherhood... I am so proud to see my best friend finally grow into herself. You are an amazing women, wife, and mother. I envy every aspect of your life! You are an amazingly sexy bitch and I am so happy you too finally realize and express it. God saved you for his perfect plan... Lillian! And I am nothing but honored to be able to watch it unfold! I love you so so much! And I am excited to watch the rest of our Lords plan unfold! Kisses from your kitchen table! xoxo

  5. Awesome! I also really like the outtake with the hat on:)

  6. Oh, I love these photos so much! You're right, that first one totally looks like a movie star picture from the 60s. So gorgeous! I also love that blue hat!!

  7. Love the pics! And, uh, I LOVE your blog! Following!

    Mandy @ shebreathesdeeply.com

  8. These photos are great! I know what you mean about blogging while on vacation... so difficult! i just got back from my dad's house up in the mountains, so I'm catching up on my posts :) Just took a break to stop by and say hello!