Hello From Minnesota!

Hi friends! Whew! What a whirl wind couple of days. We left for Minnesota late Saturday morning and that night, as previously mentioned, I threw my sister-in-law a bachelorette party. She is getting married this coming Saturday and we are so excited to have this week to spend time with family and enjoy this beautiful Minnesota weather. (just a note to other floridans: yesterday, I sat outside for like a half hour and didn't sweat at all! Be jealous.)

These pictures are from our plane ride. Asking a toddler to sit still and be semi quiet for 3 hours is kind of a joke so we played around with camera apps on my phone for a while.

I am also very, very excited to have a few extra hands to help me with the babe. Hopefully I can do some good granny square-ing and prepare for something special I have in store for next week. Oh, and I will be playing with some fireworks. I hope you are having a fantastic fourth!

ps- blogging from an iPad is not the easiest thing the world. Just FYI.


  1. Aww, you guys are so precious! At least iPhones exist nowadays for entertainment... when I was a toddler I'm surprised my mom didn't just leave me at the airport! ;) I hope you have a great time in the lovely Minnesota weather!

  2. I am so happy you made it there safe and sound... Lillian looks so adorable, as always! I am enjoying playing house (at your house) and love the company of Liberty and Smudge... having a big kitchen to cook in makes me want to cook every single meal. However, I feel Popeyes calling my name. Kisses from your living room. xoxo

  3. you're here?!?!
    send me an email!
    I had no idea you were headed for mn!