A New Christmas Tradition

Lilly LOVES my nutcrackers. She carries them all over the house, makes them talk to eachother, brushes their teeth and feeds them. In fact, they are "asleep" with her in her room as I type. She has even given them all names. They are (from left to right in the above picture) Mouse, Pirate Santa Clause, Judy and Cracker. (Hilarious, right?!?)

Anyway, Ben came up with a fantastic idea. Pirate Santa is going to be the one visiting us on Christmas eve. Not regular old Santa. And we want to perpetuate this lie (parenting is so weird) somehow but we aren't sure how. We though maybe we could scatter a few parrot feathers on the ground or in the tree or leave the eye patch laying around somewhere... but we are not really sold on an idea yet. So I was hoping I may be able to get some help from you guys. Does anything come to mind when you think of what a Pirate Santa may leave behind when he comes to visit your house? Haha. Possibly the most redic quuestion ever. But seriously! Let me know. We need all the brain power we can to make this awesome.

Thanks friends!


  1. Hehe. I think this is a fun idea and something Lilly will totally remember.

    Do you have snow? Or would you be willing to sprinkle a little flour near the tree and do a foot print and a peg-leg print? Sorry, that's all I have for ideas.


  2. Oh my goodness I love you guys!!! ha ha ha ha More so Lilly that she loves pirates!!!!

    Okay how about Pirate booty? My nephews think pirate booty is hysterical because first it uses the word booty and you can get "gold coins" aka chocolate coins at just about any grocery store or you can go to the candy store in the mall :-)

  3. those little chocolates that look like gold coins? maybe something in a mini treasure chest?

    we have the 'valentine vampire' that comes to our house on valentine's day, and leaves little treats at gage's door. :)

  4. I think chocolate gold coins too! The second picture is the best, soooo cute.

  5. Oh my word, she is so adorable! Hope you're having a merry little Christmas ♥