The First Trimester

reused pic. i'm bad at taking belly pics.
First and foremost- the first trimester is over! Thank God! Here is a recap of my first trimester with baby number two.

Same as pregnancy with Lilly:
- exhaustion (duh)
- food aversion aka I didn't want to eat anything. 
- baby brain to the max! I think I sent a text to the wrong person at least once a day. And that is just one example.
- best nails ever. Thanks you prenatal vitamins. My usually craptacular nails have been made into super nails. They grow super fast (maybe a little too fast) and are super strong. I mean it's not hard to be stronger then my regular nails (once I bent a nail back digging through the laundry) but it's still awesome. 

New pregnancy symptoms:
- red meat! When I did want to eat I pretty much only wanted red meat. (I say that like it is past tense. It's not.) I make steaks at least once a week. Also- more cheese burgers then is acceptable. 
- NO COFFEE!!!!!! I didn't really start drinking hot coffee (cappuccino) until after Lilly was born so this wasn't an issue that time around. But I literally could not stomach coffee for the past 2 1/2 ish months. I had no desire for it and it didn't taste satisfying. It was such a bummer.
- super speeding time. I'm sure this is simply because this is my second time around but things seem to be moving at warp speed. I remember feeling like it took me forever to show with Lilly. Not the case this time. 
- excitement level. Lilly was a surprise so it took me a good four months to adjust to the fact I was pregnant. We had just moved and started new jobs so I wasn't in the most secure environment to begin with. 

food baby + real baby = big belly.
Basically I am super excited. We get to find out the sex of our new baby at my next appointment (at the end of January). I also have to decide whether I want to try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) or opt for another cesarean. But that is a whole different post. ;)

Hope you are well!


  1. OH!!! Such a precious baby bump!!! You make such a cute momma!!! I bet you're excited to find out if it's a little him or a little her. :D

  2. Your baby bump is adorable! And you must be so excited about finding out whether it's a little boy or a little girl! Wow. Hope the second trimester is easier than the first :)

    Katie x

  3. cute cute cute!!!

    When I was pregnant with Judah I couldn't get enough red meat :-)

    If you do have a boy I'll send you some of his cloths :-)

  4. I'm due at the end of January. You find out the baby's gender at the end of January. Want to make a bet? I bet you'll know what you're having before I know who I've been carrying for all this time!